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Quietly and dutifully she sat. The light fabric of her dress clung to her form. Mocking her taught nipples as she shifted slightly in the back seat next to her co-worker. His subtle fragrance filled the interior, the warmth of his strong frame reverberated down her spin. That all familiar tingle took over her. Drips turned to flow as she felt the the black lace of her thong betray her desire for him. Closing her eyes, slouching slightly in the seat, legs parting gently, her minds eye imaged herself. Dress around her feet, sliding her fingers where they ached to go. Unconsciously she let slip in the softest whisper “fuck me please”. A whisper that turned out not to be as silent as she had thought. As he turned his attention to her, she felt the betraying flush rush up her neck, to her cheeks. There was no escaping him now. Just as she had always wanted.

(Source: alterazioniemotive)

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